Thursday, October 11, 2007

Overwhelmed With Emotions. . .

Today our mission team returned from Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. I am overwhelmed with emotions, raw, and strong. You know when you get that feeling in the core of your insides? I have many feelings tonight, as I sit here pondering the events of the last week, and missions past. . .

Excitement--40 decisions were made for Christ. All glory, and praise be to God.

Sadness--There were many we saw, and shared the gospel w/that just choose to walk away.

Peace--I have been blessed beyond measure to journey to Mexico 4 times. My family has willingly sacrificed, so that I could experience this spiritual growth. Tonight, as my boys were going to bed, we prayed together. Coy led, Seth went second, and I closed. I almost couldn't hold back the tears, when both of them prayed thanking God for my time in Mexico, and my safe travel home.

Joy--The members of Primera Iglesia Bautista treat us like we are church members one in the same as they are. They welcome us w/open arms. The feelings are incredible-working along side such wonderful people.

Love--I am so very thankful for the many relationships I have made on trips past & present. God has been so sweet to allow many of us to experience this multiple times. Each time our mission family bond seems to be put to the test. Each time I walk away with more love for each mission member. Just a few things I appreciate about each of our mission family members:

  • Rick- Your leadership, and guidance. You encourage us all to step out of our comfort zone, and grow in our walk.
  • Agnes- You are so very thoughtful of all of our feelings, and strive for everyone to be taken care of.
  • Lenny- Your words of inspiration.
  • Michael Burch- Your flexibility, and you are an excellent driver.
  • Terry Burch- Your encouragement.
  • Wayne- How big your heart is.
  • Dick- Your never-ending hard work.
  • Terry Stoner- How gentle and calm you always are.
  • Matt- The way you are such a go getter.
  • Tabitha- Your never-ending energy.
  • Charlotte- How you care for others.
  • Teresa- Your heart for missions.
  • Sharon- Your willingness to help wherever needed.
  • Courtney-Your hunger to grow in your walk.
  • Dave- Your never-ending hard work.
  • Cat- Your heart for missions.
  • Callie- You are a sweet spirit.
  • Kennedy- How you walked right beside us in everything we did.
  • Darby & Kristi- The countless hours of giggling. Being able to share even our most raw emotions with each other with out fear. How even when I am overwhelmed, and take it out on you--you girls love me anyway.

Each & everyone of you holds a special place in my heart.


Jeanne said...

Hey girl! So glad to hear you all made it back safely. And I love your heart for the Int'l mission field God has placed you in! May that passion spread like fire throughout our church! Hold me back one of those shirts when they get in....a large.
Love ya!


what a great post !!! i love to hear how God is changing you and growing you ... you are a great friend and i am thankful you are in my life !!