Thursday, December 23, 2010

Not Exactly What I Wanted For Christmas

I started having a little bit of a sore throat Saturday night right before I went to bed. I thought it was probably from cheering on the boys at their basketball games. Seth played 1st Saturday morning, and scored 2 baskets :) Coy played that afternoon, and was on fire with defence. Both boys teams won. I do my fair share of cheering/yelling from the bleachers, so I figured that was where my sore throat came from. It was only slightly scratchy Sunday, but when I woke up for work on Monday morning it was still sore. I worked all day Monday with a cough drop in my mouth, and even drank some hot tea w/honey. I talk all day, pretty much non-stop @ work, so I figured that was why my throat was feeling worse. After my 13 hour shift, I called Tim on my way home & told him that I was going to come in & take a hot shower & go straight to bed. He was sweet & had hot chicken soup waiting, when I got home. I drank it, and went to bed.

I coughed on & off all night long. I woke up to get ready for work Tuesday morning, and my temperature was 100.5, and I was now aching all over & nauseated. I called work to let them know I wouldn't be there, took some tylenol and went back to sleep on the couch. When I woke up a little later I felt as close to "dying" as I ever have. I was able to get an appointment with my BFF, who happens to be a Nurse Practitioner. I tested positive for the flu :( YES I took the flu shot this year. I always take a flu shot, I'm a nurse. I take care of sick people. I've never had the flu before now, and hope that in the future my flu shot works.

I did start on Tamiflu Tuesday. It has helped speed my recovery, but this flu has kicked my bootie! I've been wearing a mask (which Gloria Grace finds comical). I've pretty much just laid around. Simply taking a shower wipes me out.

My sweet mom came & got the goodies I planned to give our neighbors sorted out & packaged to give them. Tim delivered them. Mom also took my grocery, and last minute Christmas shopping list & took care of that, too. My mother-in-law made us some soup. Glad to have so much help.

I am hopeful that tomorrow I have the energy I need to begin preparations for Christmas dinner (which is at our house). I also hope to feel well enough to go to Christmas Eve Services at church. I will not cough on anyone, or shake any one's hands :)

I also can not wait to be well enough to give Ms. Gloria Grace a big fat kiss!

Thankful, that the rest of the family has not gotten sick. Everyone started on Tamiflu, except GG, because she is too little. She did get the flu shot, but so did I.

Praying that your house is well for Christmas.

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