Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Bogota Day 1

GG & I started our day saying our goodbyes to Tim & the boys & my mom @ the hotel in Cali. As we were driving off, I was trying to hold back the tears. Magnolia said "I think your huband looks like he is about to cry." I said, so am I. I couldn't hold them back anymore. I thankfully didn't break out into the ugly cry, but I needed a tissue.

We left the hotel around 9:00am, and went to the records office to meet our lawyer Judit. We got the last few documents we needed to take to the passport office. We walked to the passport office with the papers & were taken right away, no waiting. Magnolia said it is usually very busy, with so many people you can hardly breathe. I told her we have been praying for things to go smoothly & God had answered our prayers :) About an hour or so later & $163,000 pesos we had GG's passport in hand.

Magnolia took us on to the airport. We had enough time for a diet coke & a bathroom break for me, before I was to be on my own. She walked me up as far as she could go to security, and we hugged & said our goodbyes. After I went through security, I was walking down the long corridor with GG & I was beggining to get very emotional. I did my best not to break out into the ugly cry, because I knew if I started I wouldn't be able to stop! It has been so surreal this week--things have suddenly started moving so quickly--when I have a moment to really think about itI am just so overjoyed it makes me teary.

GG did well on her first plane ride. She was a little fussy when I was trying to get settled into our seat. I poured her a bottle of just water, because it wasn't really time for her to eat. That settled her. During take off I guess the cabin pressure got to her & she had a poopie diaper :~P The poor girl sitting next to me did not look like she had any children :) I told her I was sorry. She said it was ok, but I really felt bad for her. I took her to the bathroom as soon as we were given the ok to move about the cabin :) This was an intersting accomplishment. Changing a poopie diaper in an airplane bathroom is something I can cross off my to do list, and hope to never have to do again :)

The flight was short, a little less than an hour. I got my luggage & headed out the door. We stood outside just a few minutes, before Jamie & Sylvia walked up & asked if I was Kelly. We went to their van & I immediately noticed the car seat! The only strapped seat I have tried to put GG in was a highchair @ the hotel resteraunt. She did not care for it @ all. In fact she had screamed like a cat that got it's tail stepped on :~P I waited until Jamie had all our stuff in & was ready to go & put her in it. To my surprise she never fussed @ all. She ended up falling asleep on the way to see the Embassy doctor. :)

The Embassy doctor was very nice. He did a physical & okayed us waiting to do her 6 month shots until we return home. She turns 6 months tomorrow, and they are sometimes picky about having them done before you can get the Visa, so all shots are up to date upon entering the US. He reviewed her medical records, and did a physical exam. She weighs 16.5 lbs & is 24.5 inches long. I totally needed to have been working out my arm muscles before I got here :) We left the doctors office & came straight to the Hotel Paris.

It's not exactly Paris, but it's nice. It's an older hotel, but has several families here right now. GG & I got in our room & took a quick power nap before supper---that was her 4th nap of the day, after she slept all night long. I only let her sleep about 30 minutes, because I want her to sleep tonight. We went to dinner, which was yummy & a wonderful atmosphere. There were 2 other American families @ our table. Another table had 2 french families, and one other had a family from Spain.

Supper was grilled fish, with a creamy cheese sauce, white rice & boiled veggies---yummy. One of the french families got their son yesterday & today was his 1st birthday, so the workers came out with a delicious chocolate cake & sang happy birthday. I feel like I am spending the night @ a friends house....I really like it :)

It's a little after 9:00 & I need to get GG settled for bed. We will be going to ICBF @ 9:00am & then on to apply for the visa. Please pray all that goes as smoothly as everything else :)

Also, please pray for Tim & the boys & my mom. They will be getting a 4am wake up call, and ride to the airport @ 5am. Plane leaves Cali @ 8am, arrives in Miami @ 11:45. They will have just a couple hour layover & be in Nashville @ 5:15pm. Pray for travel mercy & patience for them.

Gracias y Buenas Noches :)

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