Thursday, January 21, 2010

Praying for I C B F

We had an update phone call w/our caseworker today. It has renewed my spirit. Usually the phone call goes something like "well I really have no new news, do you have any questions?"
It can be a little discouraging. In fact I really wasn't even looking forward to talking to her today, because I didn't want to hear "there's no new news." :(

Today's phone call was a little different. She told me that they had talked to the orphanage director & was told that we are "taken." She is assuming this means we have been matched & our paperwork has been sent on to I C B F. I C B F is like the department of children services. They have to look over & approve the adoption, before anything else can happen. This can take up to 6 months. :( We will not be told anything about our daughter until they have approved & translated the paperwork.

God chose GloriaGrace long before we even dreamed of adoption. He knows the date of our referral & the date of her homecoming. Would you pray w/us for the I C B F to move quickly in approving our paperwork.


mysistersjar said...

Yay! Any news is good news! It makes me glad that we both at least have the hope of our girls being home in 2010! What city is GG in? I can't remember. Of course we won't know where Zaza is until THE call.
Blessings! We're praying for you, your girl, ICBF and patience!!!

Kelly said...

Linda, GG is in Cali, @ Chiquitines. It is a really nice orphanage. I have talked w/a couple of families that have already brought children home from there, & they had nothing but good things to say about it. The workers & the facility. I am so excited to have some news, even if they are not able to share who she is just yet. It is better than not knowing any timeline what so ever. Thanks for the prayers.

em and pete said... name is Emily...I haven't posted on your blog but I have been following for a while. We brought our daughter home from Chiquitines in July of last year. It is an amazing place...your daughter is being well-cared for while she's there. The waiting is so hard...I'm praying for you even though I don't know you. :) May you find strength in this phase. Hopefully ICBF moves quickly so your little girl can come home!