Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We Will Miss You Lou

Our last family photo with Lourdes
You are always welcome home Lourdes
Lourdes had a lot of stuff :o)
We just returned home from taking Lourdes to the airport. What indescribable emotions. I was very close to the ugly cry, but thankfully was able to keep it back just enough. It has been such an amazing 10 months. God matched us perfectly. (Dare I doubt that he wouldn't have?) We have been blessed beyond measure to have had this experience.

If anyone is even considering hosting a student, my advice would be pray & If God is calling you to it. . . DO IT!!

Please pray for Lourdes today, as she will be traveling 14+ hours to meet her mother, and then another 6 hours to drive home from the airport.
Please pray for us as we transition back to a family of 4 (for what will hopefully be a very short time).

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Anonymous said...

Kelly, hopefully your home will only seem quiet for a short time. Have you heard anything from Colombia?