Saturday, April 18, 2009

Thanks For The Prayers

I am home :0)

After waking @ 4am yesterday & traveling 7+, we woke up @ 3am today & traveled 18+ hours.

I have lots of God moments to share.

Especially about the 25 new hermanos en Christo. There were 25 decisions made over our 4 clinic days.

I am exhausted, but will post more & lots of pictures soon.

Thanks for all the prayers :o)


zazasmama said...

So awesome! Can't wait to see you pictures and glad you're home safe and sound. OH! We actually got news while you were gone. Have a peak at our adoption blog.

God, My Savior Forever! said...

Hi! I started following your blog not only because it's inspiring but also because God might be speaking to our hearts about adoption and I wanted you to pray for us. We need to know if it's God's will as well as guidance. We had Watoto children's choir from Uganda(orphans) and some stayed at our house, we just back from a missions trip (my husband and I were the only ones to go) to an orphanage in Mexico. I had already contemplated the thought of adoption since we've been trying to concieve for three yeard now. My hubby wasn't as thrilled with the thought but with these two experiences he's gotten excited and is iwlling to do..if it's God's will off course. We would like to consider adopting from Mexico. It's exciting to know that God has big plans for us...He's always working on something exciting for Hs children!


God, My Savior Forever! said...

I also wanted to mention that we are aware that it's very expensive but God that is where faith comes into play...God will provide our every need!