Friday, April 24, 2009

My Mind is Swirling

So many thoughts are swirling around in my head. I don't really know how to clearly communicate them all. You know when you read something and instantly feel "that feeling" in the center of your core. I am at that point right now.

We are waiting on our dossier to be submitted in Colombia. It is translated & authenticated & ready for submission. As far as I have known throughout this process, when we got to this point it would be submitted to the ICBF & we would be put on the wait list. Since we started this journey the wait time has gone from 24 months to 40 months. Sad to say I have been doubting our choices. Is this really where God wants us to go? Does God really think we need to wait 4 years for G.G? Should we look somewhere else? Why do I doubt God & His plan? Unfortunately, the list of questions in my mind goes on & on.

Today I received an email from our case worker that told of another possibility. Apparently they submit some dossiers to a private orphanage. The wait time is "much quicker" for a referral @ the private orphanage than through ICBF. The agency will be showing our dossier to this orphanage sometime next week. My prayer is that we get accepted by this private orphanage. Please pray with me as I put on my shield of faith (Ephesians 6:16) knowing that God has this all worked out & I should not be doubting. Pray that I will put my trust in Him & His Path (Proverbs 3:5-6). Pray that in all this God will be glorified (Romans 5:2-5)


mysistersjar said...

HI Kelly, What age goup are you requesting again? I forget. Yes, the extended wait time is a bummer. I heard ICBF hired 100 attorneys to speed up the process, but it doesn't seem to have helped yet.

Is there a cost difference for the private casa? That sounds like a good option.

And I've had every single one of those questions go through my mind as well. You're not alone.

God know where GG is and will bring her home when HE'S ready. :o) Hang in there.

Blessings, Linda

Kelly said...

Hey Linda,

We are in the under 3 age group. Beth did not say anything about a cost difference. I had heard about the extra attourneys, and hoped it would speed it back up. Maybe they are still trainging or something.

I spend a lot of my quiet time reminding myself that God's timing IS PERFECT, and that He's already got this all figured out.