Sunday, April 20, 2008

We're Back

Hola :o) Just a quick update----11:30pm.

The Courier just brought 12 of our 16 bags to my house.

Still Missing:
Darby's w/her personal medical equipment. (She needs this to do her final exam video, for school--due Wednesday)

The 2 bags of Dr. Russell's w/the dental equipment. (He needs this to run his dental office)

One of Sherry's bags. (Not sure what's in Sherry's bag :oP

Just tried to call Delta, but Nashville is closed for the night.
Won't know more until the morning.
I also don't know if Tabatha got her bags.

Keep on Praying :0)

I will make this post short & sweet, and will post much more soon. Just wanted to let you know we were back, and had a wonderful mission trip. God is AWESOME.

One small prayer request-- None of our luggage made it back to Nashville. Dr. Russell can not open his office Monday w/o his dental equipment. Please pray that they will resolve this issue today.

More missions details soon. . .

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