Monday, April 21, 2008

Luggage Update

All luggage has arrived to Nashville. 12 of the 16 bags were delivered to my house last night, the other 4 bags have been found in Nashville & will be delivered to Rick's dental office by noon today.

Thank You for your prayers :o)

More Mission stories to come soon. . .

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Terry said...

Buenos dias!

Thanks for the updates you left on my voicemail (I was in the shower) and blog comments. Just wanted to let you know that only one of the bags with my name on them is actually mine; the blue one with the yellow ribbon on the handle. I think the other one attributed to me was gray and had personal stuff in it but I don’t know whose it is.

Thanks SO MUCH for handling all this mess. I know it has been (and still is) a pain. If we were still in Mexico, I would buy you another pot! ;)


(also sent you an email with this info)