Tuesday, October 19, 2010

90 Days!

Wow! Time sure flies, when you are having fun!! July 19th was the day we were able to look into the beautiful dark chocolate brown eyes of God's gift~~making our family of 5. I must say that it is very hard to explain...it seems like we were just there, but then it also feels like Gloria Grace has been in our family forever.

I still get chills & tears in my eyes every time I look at this picture. Seeing the pure joy on the faces of my boys (Tim included). If you could see Gloria Grace's face, she is smiling a sweet chubby cheek smile right back at us. This is a picture of God knowing & overflowing the desires of our hearts.

I have said it many times before; God has blessed us beyond measure. Here is the cutest, sweetest, most lovable 8 month old pumpkin in the patch :)
We are about to have our first post placement visit on Monday, and then we will be visited every 6 months until 21 months post placement. Tim & I were discussing our upcoming 90 day visit last week, when Coy piped up & asked "are we ever going to be done with paperwork." One day love :)

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