Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Time Is Flying

Time has been flying by around here. It's been almost a month since we began to update our paperwork. The only thing I am waiting on is the medical form from my doctor. I really like my doctor a lot; however, his office staff NOT so much! I have felt frustrated today. They still don't have my medical form completed & I dropped it off to them a week ago. It really is not that complicated, but for them I guess it is. I politely told them today I had to have it back by the end of the week, because I leave for my mission trip this weekend. I need to have it to our social worker, so she can get our home study update done & we can submit our request to the US CIS before May 13th. Our current form will expire 1 month from today. I let myself get frustrated today about the doctor's office not having the form, but then I decided they will surely get it done by tomorrow :) We'll see.

I leave Saturday for the medical/dental missions trip to Puebla, Mexico. I am so very excited to be going on this trip. I did not go on the last trip, because there were too many people to go & we were hoping to be in Colombia. I had been on 7 previous trips, so it was really hard staying behind. Planning began before the last trip was complete for this upcoming trip. We were also hoping to be in Colombia this time, but again we don't yet have our referral. There was only one nurse available to go this time, and there are usually 2. So, I get to go again. :) I am hopeful for the plans God has for our work. The trip in October was very fruitful. There were over 140 people that made decisions to follow Jesus! Can't wait to see what He has in store for us this time. :)
We will be leaving Saturday the 17th & returning Saturday the 24th. We will have clinical days Monday through Thursday. We would appreciate your prayers. My fellow team members are: Dr. Rick, Agnes, Tabatha, Danny, Ben, Jessica, & Joy, along w/the Christians from the church in Nuevo Laredo.

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