Sunday, August 2, 2009

Getting Her Room Ready

We decided to paint Gloria Grace's room the same color it already was, but to use a satin finish. We love the color & it is so easy to match things with, but it had been in flat paint & the walls got dirty so easy. The boys wanted to help me paint so badly. I wasn't sure how much of their help I could take, but I did let them each help a little :)
We took a family picture before church this morning in our new Adoption T-shirts:
Seth wanted his Kitty to be in our family picture, so instead we took one of him & kitty by themselves:)
Oh how I wish that I could say we were getting her room ready, because we knew when she would be here. At this point, we are where we were 2 months ago...No new news :( We've decided to start working on her room, even though we have no idea of our timeline from here. Our referral could come tomorrow, or many months from now. We are attempting to patiently wait, knowing God's timing is perfect. As I posted last week , we will do our best to wait honoring God & living for Him as we do.


mysistersjar said...

I love your shirts! The big cross is the best! Did you design them?

It's sort of theraputic to get GG's room ready, isn't it? I have started buying little things here and there... undies, sockies, dollies. I still need to find a dust ruffle for her bed. Soon. We'll have our girls soon!

Kelly said...

Thanks for the reassurance Linda :o) I w/the help of my best (girl) friend came up w/the shirt idea. My husband picked the color :o)

Tammy Comer said...

I know exactly how you feel! I know God already knows our angels and is waiting for the perfect time to send them. Thanks so much for the post on waiting. I so needed to hear that! I too want to start on Madie's room, but I am so hesitant because I don't want to see her room empty too long!

mysistersjar said...

Kelly, have you been following the blog:

?? I think they were at the orphanage where GG is. Not sure. This family is in Bogota right now. It's a great blog for those of us waiting to read.

zazasmama said...

Tammy, we painted Zaza's room 18 months ago and I love seeing it ready for her..... (her brother has since moved in there and there are hot wheels all over the floor.) But the yellow walls and purple bed reassure me that this is all real.
~ Linda

Kelly said...

Tammy--Getting her room ready has been a fun thing to do in the waiting process. I am doing it very slowly. Having plenty of time to make it perfect for her is nice :o)

Linda--I have been following that families blog. Another couple that goes to my church is also adopting an older child, or possibly a sibling group from Colombia & she gave it to me a couple of weeks ago. It has been a true blessing to follow.

Kelly said...

P.S. Linda---that is where G.G. is :o)