Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Few Favorite Moments From Mexico

I can't believe it has already been a month since we went to Mexico. Why has it taken me so long to share? ¡Yo no Se! (I don't know-for my Non-Spanish speaking friends :o) God has been so good to bless me with 6 trips, to serve him. I don't want it to ever get "old hat." Thinking back to the very 1st trip & the 1st day of going to minister to the shut in people, I remember writing in my journal. "God please don't let the sting of this day ever go away." I couldn't believe some of the conditions I saw. I realized HOW VERY MUCH we take for granted, and WASTE each & every day. I thank God for changing and growing me through these experiences. My prayer is to continue to grow & serve for His glory.

Here are a few special pictures/moments from October.

This summer @VBS, the kids decorated soccer balls to be given away during mission trips. I don't know the exact # of soccer balls made, but there were probably @ least 300. Dr. Russell had gone to the church, and gotten a suitcase full to take with us. It was a random pick for him but not for God. In that one "random" bag full. We found soccer balls decorated by 4 different team members children/grandchildren. Here is the one Coy's VBS group made:
This past summer, Dr. T came to visit his Tennessee friends. It was a very special time. While we were in Mexico, in October, Dr. T played his home video from his trip to Tennessee. It was really emotional to watch home video of my boys on the church wall in Mexico. My boys fell in love w/Dr. T, especially Coy. When Coy went back to school this year, the teacher asked the kids to write about a there summer. Coy wrote the sweetest story about his new friend Dr. T. It makes me cry every time I read it. (I'll have to post it another time.) Here is Dr. T. & I w/Coy's soccer ball: We are usually so busy during clinic times that the dentist, and nurses are pretty much doing their own things. This trip there were some times that there was no one waiting for the nurses, and I was able to venture to the "dark" side. This is what the nurses affectionately call the dentist area :o). I walked up to find Dr. T about to pull a nervous little boys tooth. I had the opportunity to hold his hand, and help distract him from the shot w/a soccer ball. It was really cool to get to work w/Dr. T: God is so good in his timing. It worked out that Wayne's daughter Erika (who lives in CA) was able to meet us in Texas, and spend the week on the mission field. I love watching God work on every one's hearts: Darby & I barely new each other before the 1st mission trip. She, Kristi, & I have been roomies on every trip to Nuevo Laredo. I am beyond thankful for their friendship. This year, Kristi was just a month away from delivering her sweet baby boy Braydon. Darby & I were blessed with the next best roomie ever---Erika :o). I love how God puts just the right people in your path to walk along side you in life. Here we are-Darby, Me, and Erika:


Oatsvall Team said...

I love how these trips have changed you ... i love to hear your heart for these people and i love how God used it to bring your family to adoption ...

wish you could come Tuesday night to Katie's fundraiser and just hear her story ... YOU WOULD LOVE HER ...

call me sometime ... miss ya

mysistersjar said...

Hi! I just found your blog from the Gladney family pages. We are also adopting from Colombia. I was writing because of the soccer balls in your Mexico pictures. We did those at our VBS this past summer at church. Blessings on your wait. It's not fun, but it's worth every minute (so I'm told.)

mysistersjar said...

Sorry, I forgot to sign the last comment.

~ Linda
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