Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Such a Fun Day Today. . .

This is a little tradition we started, when Coy was 4. On his birthday I made him pancakes that spelled his name & had his new age. Next year will be double digits :o)

After blueberry birthday pancakes I took Lourdes to her new high school, for registration.


Then we headed on to Coy's birthday hangout of choice--Chuck-e-cheese :o)

We got to play w/Emily. :o) :o) :o)

Coy & Em hit the "jackpot" twice, and shared tickets w/Seth :o)

We went swimming @ Emily's house & then had birthday cake.

Coy picked out carrot cake, yummy.

Coy was having so much fun w/Em, he didn't want to come home. So he's spending the night @ her house.

This is just a cute picture of Seth & Brownie:

I hope everyone has had as fun & nice a day as we have :o)

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